Bio: Brandt Cotherman is a Multidisciplinary Published Artist and Product Designer living in Carmel, Indiana.

Social:Facebook / Instagram

Education: Purdue University Bachelors in E.C.E.T.
Carmel High School 2010

Notable Works
  1. Electric Snake featured in Carlos Santana’s Autobiography The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light and my story about being published was featured in the Current in Carmel newspaper.


2. Darth Jar Jar the Phantom Menace resin figure I made ended up on Philip DeFranco’s show.

CLICK picture to see the youtube video.

3. Mercedes Benz Couch

 My Design Process of the Mercedes Benz Couch
  • Define the Problem: Cars in junkyards have useful interior parts going to waste.
  • Further Define: Up-Cycle a Rear Seat into a Couch
  • Research: Car Couch Designs
  • Define Design: Ergonomic Dimensions
  • Ideate: Generate Concept Sketches
  • Prototype: Faults Discovered = to wide to fit through door ways easily and users feet couldn’t touch the floor while sitting.
  • Determine Final Concept & Detailed Design
  • Implement: Build Detailed Design
  • Test Design: Proved to be ergonomic and easily moved through out a home
  • Iterate: Repeat & Refine the Design